Shaoxing Hantai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
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About us

Shaoxing Hantai pharmaceutical co.,ltd is a specialized company in new drug development, manufacturing and sales. It is a wholly subsidiary of shaoxing hantai imports and exports co.,ltd. has two manufacturing sites in zhejiang province and Jiangxi province.

Shaoxing Hantai I/E Co.Ltd. has more than 10 years experience of international trading for pharmaceuticals products. Including API. Finished products. Chemical products, Vitamins and pharmaceutical packing raw material etc. Depending on favorable credit and excellent service, we have established good and stable business relationships with many pharmaceutical and chemical companies both domestic and overseas.

Today Shaoxing Hantai is widely known and recognized due to its high level of reliability and professionalism. We focus on international markets and provide quality products and good services, with the intent of mutual development among all parties. In other words, we are convinced that we will be your reliable, long-term business partner.

We work for pharmaceutical industry, serve for human health.

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